November 14, 2018

Mason Challenger Baseball Welcomes TOPSoccer Players

TOPSoccer Families,

Mason Challenger Baseball is a program for kids with special needs similar to TOPSoccer. They play in the spring and would welcome any interested players. (Just dont skip soccer to play baseball! ;) )

Please see the attached flyer.


·        What is the Challenger Program?  The Mason Challenger Division offers boys and girls with physical and developmental challenges the opportunity to participate in an organized game of baseball. The most fundamental goal of the Challenger Division is to give everyone a chance to play. 

·        What is the age limit? Mason Challenger Division will accept players between the ages of 5 to 22 (or completion of High School).

·        Who is accepted in the league? The league is designed for youth with physical and developmental challenges. We welcome players from surrounding communities. We currently have several players from your school district that already participate.


Here are links to videos that will let you see what the program is all about. Enjoy! 



CONTACT:          Susan Murdock, President

513-225 9699