New Balance Shoe Distribution

Rose Lavellle and New Balance to provide new shoes to all Cincinnati TOPSoccer Players and Volunteers

As many of you may have seen previously, Pro Soccer Star and former TOPSoccer Volunteer Rose Lavelle worked with New Balance to provide all our players and volunteers with a free pair of shoes for this season!

We will distrubute shoes during Spring, Summer and Fall Seasons to make sure every player, coach and volunteer gets a pair.

For our Spring Session, we will distribute during the next two sessions. (May 15 and 22)

- Tables will be set up in the lobby of Wall2wall

- Please proceed to your fields and go back out to get shoes a few at a time.

- If you dont get them the first week, try again the second week.

Please use the link below to provide your player (or volunteer) name and shoe size to help us in this process.

We'll set up a distribution table at Spring practice during the next few sessions.

Shoe Registration