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Cincinnati TOPSoccer is a soccer league whose sole purpose is to get children off the sidelines and into the game!  We strive to accommodate any player who has a desire to play the world's greatest sport. Any player age 4 and older with a physical or cognitive disability is welcome to play with us.  By using the talents of dedicated coaches and volunteers, we provide the resources to allow each player, regardless of their abilities, to experience the joys that sports can offer. We have four different age groups, divided by age and ability, as well as a wheelchair division so that every player can compete at the level best suited to them. It is our desire to see every child become the best player they possibly can. 

Our Locations
We have practice and game fields throughout the Cincinnati area.

In the Spring, we utilize indoor facilities at Wall2Wall Soccer on Rt 42 in Mason.

In the Fall, games rotate between three outdoor fields: Amelia Soccer Complex in Batavia, Hope Church in Mason and Tri-State Futbol Alliance Complex in Harrison.

Our Goal
Cincinnati TOPSoccer allows every child with special needs in Cincinnati the opportunity to participate, contribute, and excel in the game of soccer.

Our Mission
The TOPSoccer program not only gives young athletes with disabilities an opportunity to play soccer, it serves as a feeder program to recruit, assess and train players to participate in competitions offered by existing sports organizations for people with disabilities and mainstreams higher ability players on to youth soccer teams.

TOPSoccer was designed not as a competitor to the programs run by other sports organizations for people with disabilities, but rather as a complementary program that works hand in hand with organizations like Special Olympics to expand the overall and competition opportunities for people with disabilities. The TOPSoccer program often works as a feeder program: recruiting, assessing, and training new soccer players who would benefit from opportunities sponsored by these sports organizations. Most sports opportunities currently offered to young people with disabilities are school based.

Many parents of these young people would like their child to participate in the same community sports program as their non-disabled brothers and sisters -- to wear the same club uniform, play at the same fields, go to the same awards banquets, and if appropriate, play on a non-disabled team. TOPSoccer can fill this need. The TOPSoccer program has also helped introduce the Unified Soccer Camp in many areas, a concept developed by Special Olympics. The Unified Soccer Camp brings together disabled and non-disabled soccer players in a positive and fun environment, hopefully breaking down social barriers through a common love of the game.

A basic TOPSoccer program consists of two vital components. The first is a field site where soccer players with disabilities can receive high-quality training to help develop their soccer skills. Training sessions could include activities such as scrimmages, small-sided games (3 v 3, 4 v 4) and tournaments. The second component of the TOPSoccer program is an ongoing player assessment process that places participants in the most appropriate playing situation, including placement on non-disabled, intramural and club teams, or involvement in programs established by other sports associations for people with disabilities (i.e., Special Olympics).

Our Players
Our program is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of children who have cognitive or physical disabilities. All our players still of school age are on an IEP (Individualized Education Prpogram) receiving physical and/or occupational therapy as part of their school curriculum.  Older players have a specifically diagnosed cognitive or physical disability.  We have many players with Down syndrome, Autism, and a variety of other syndromes. We have players who use crutches, walkers and even wheelchairs.  We also have players who have sight or hearing impairments. We try our best to accommodate all children with a desire to play. If there is a doubt as to whether your child can (and should) play with us, please ask! We also ask that our players wait until the year they turn 4 years old, and may continue to play through high school and beyond.

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