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Cincinnati TOPSoccer – A Soccer League for Individuals with Special Needs

Imagine a place where the playing field is leveled, where everyone gets a chance to score their first goal in life. Think about a game where everyone is on your side, where the cheers are the loudest and the smiles are brighter than ever.

Welcome to Cincinnati TOPSoccer, part of a national soccer program created to train young people with disabilities in a caring coaching environment. Any person age 4 and older with a physical or cognitive disability, no matter how severe, can play TOPSoccer.  Individuals may participate regardless of their understanding of the game and with or without the need for physical assistance or apparatis (walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, etc).  Games and practice sessions are modified as needed to meet the needs of each player.  Buddies are provided for individuals who need one on one assistance / guidance.

This program provides young people with special needs a place where they can be a part of a real sports team complete with practices, games, uniforms, tournament, end of season banquets and trophies.

Team placement is by ability, size and age to ensure the safety and success of each child at whatever level they are able to participate. 
At Cincinnati TOPSoccer, we measure (and celebrate) each success in whatever form each child is able to achieve.   
Get off the sidelines and into the game!

*** At Cincinnati TOPSoccer, our mission is to provide a safe, caring environment where all children with special needs can experience and benefit from the joys of sport through the game of soccer. We measure (and celebrate) each success in whatever form each child is able to achieve.   
No photo albums available